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Beyond the Clinic

Transforming your practice with video consultations

Beyond the Clinic is a book written for primary care practices to support the successful introduction of video consultations for their patients. The motivation is to extend the reach of the work of clinicians beyond the confines of the physical practice and help patients no matter where they are and whether or not they are able to travel to you.

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Following the step-by-step guide of Beyond the Clinic, you can introduce a modern health service delivery method into your practice to get the best results for your business.

What Beyond the Clinic Teaches

Telehealth is not a special health service. Your patients should feel as comfortable seeing you via video visits as they are to see you face-to-face. To introduce video visits successfully, you want to follow a framework that has been proven to lead to a sustainable transformation.

The five most important steps you’ll learn

  1. Vision: start by designing a vision of the service that you want to offer and how it motivates you and the people in your business.
  2. Transformation project: define a project that gives you a clear understanding of timelines and steps to undertake as well as metrics you want to achieve.
  3. People: define a communication plan that gets everyone on board, including staff, clinicians and patients.
  4. Technology: define the workflow and technology components of your service - start simple and give yourself a chance to improve over time.
  5. Sustainability: build a profile for your service, promote it and get a reputation so you can run the modernised service sustainably.

Table of Contents

  • Sections 1 & 2 The time for video consultations has come.
  • Sections 3 & 4 Undertaking a transformation project.
  • Sections 5 & 6 Technology and Sustainability.
  • Framework Five Steps to Success.

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Following the step-by-step guide of Beyond the Clinic, you can introduce a modern health service delivery method into your practice to get the best results for your business.

Beyond the Clinic Reviews

Dr Silvia Pfeiffer has an extensive background in computer science and healthcare consulting in a wide range of health environments, and as such is excellently qualified to write this book Beyond the Clinic – transforming your practice with video consultations.

Professor Peter Yellowlees, Past President, American Telemedicine Association

Silvia is passionate about enabling medical video consultations in Australia - her experience in this industry is quite unique.

Anita Mustac, Founder of online mental health service Dokotela

Silvia has an amazing vision for what is possible in the technological side of telehealth, and pairs this with a genuine interest in the needs of health professionals. In the fast-moving world of digital health, early-movers like Silvia have a wealth of valuable insights to share.

Karen Finnin, Director of Online Physio

Where healthcare meets technology, it is always hard to find someone who really understands the unique challenges that are present - Silvia gets it!

Greg Borman, Director of online occupational therapy service Biosymm
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About The Author

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Dr Silvia Pfeiffer
Published Author

Silvia is the CEO of Coviu Global, a best-of-breed turn-key video consultation software. Silvia is on a mission to change the way healthcare services are provided to bring fairer access to healthcare for everyone.

Silvia has worked with numerous healthcare professionals in introducing video consultations to their businesses. This includes specialist businesses - such as psychiatrists, neurosurgeons and oncologists – allied health – such as speech pathology, physiotherapy, psychology and dietetics – as well as primary healthcare and GPs. She has learnt what makes such a digital transformation work and what doesn’t and is passionate to share her experiences.

Silvia has a PhD in computer science and a double degree in business management and computer science. She has worked with Google, Mozilla and CSIRO in the past to develop world-leading online video technology and has published two textbooks about HTML5 video. Coviu is the culmination of her experience in creating new software solutions and businesses.

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